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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I intend to go see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button this weekend. While quickly looking it up on the Internet, I realized that the original short story was published in 1921, and would therefore have fallen out of copyright.

So, I decided to read it. I found it on Project Gutenberg, but the copy is (of course) in plain, vanilla ASCII, and has several typos.

I decided then to quickly typeset it so that I would feel more better when reading it.

Feel free to download it here.

I typeset it with Adobe InDesign in Adobe Garamond Pro 12pt. It's about 11 pages and change long, double-column format.

I fixed some of the Gutenberg-isms (like using "whatever" to indicate italics), and corrected what I could as far as typos. There's one case where the word "array" is used, and I can't find an original source to tell me if that is a mis-OCR for "army" (which would make more sense today, but array could be correct, if a bit arcane).

I liked the short story, but I feel that the movie will give a sense of time passing that the short story rather lacks.