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I have been known to speak on occasion.


SeaGL 2023: video coming soon. Slides and code:

Glitch Appy Hour 2019: Lords of Cyberspace: A Glitch Rebirth.

PyCon AU 2018: Multi-Factor Authenatication: How it works and why you need to be using it yesterday.

PyCon AU 2018: Colossal Cave Adventure in Python … in the browser!

Signal 2018: AI for Colossal Cave Adventure.

PyCon 2018: Colossal Cave Adventure in Python … in the browser!.

North Bay Python 2017: Colossal Cave Adventure in Python.

ConFoo CA Montréal 2017: Math: Ruining Everything Since Forever.

ConFoo CA Montréal 2017: Sorting!

PyCon Australia 2016: CPython Internals and the VM.

Open Source Bridge 2014: How to make generics in C.

PyCon 2012: Sage: Open Source Math in Python.

OSCON 2012: Google Government Public Data: Finding and delivering the world’s government, tabular data.

Video available Safari.

Older stuff

Editing, Presenting, and Anal Retenting (2006). This is slide show about some of my anal retentive habits in editing and presenting.

Better Chess through Genetic Programming (2003, 2006). A presentation based on a research interest I had back in 2003, regarding applying genetic programming techniques to chess.

Learning Java 1 – Introduction (2006). At The University of Tulsa, we often had many incoming students into our graduate and undergraduate programs who had little experience with Java. So, I created a small series of presentations to give them a quick overview of some of the finer points, especially as they would relate to some of the required course work in the graduate program.

Learning Java 3 – Threads and Synchronization (2006). A continuation of the above.

Learning Java 4 – Swing, SQL, and Security (2006). A continuation of the above.