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Another Dissertation

So, I've been working on my dissertation again, after getting my Mathematica 6 working again. Since I have to process a lot of raw radio samples, I think I am going to continue developing some of my models there, where I can easily change things and see results fast, before I start porting it over to C and Python for speed (well, at least speedy in the C parts).

I definitely have some interesting theories for this, so we'll see how it turns out, and hopefully I can get some more results into my dissertation and get it churned out in time for May so that I can finally graduate.

I also have a slew of other projects in the works, including two websites: a fun one that I hope to deploy as a Facebook application (which it turns out is ridiculously easy with RoR), and a potential one that can generate income! The income-generating one is actually mostly coded, I just need to CSS it up, bulletproof it, and implement a few more shiny features.

These, of course, aren't helping me get my dissertation done anytime soon.