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This is going to be a long month

October has just gotten started, and it's already incredibly stressful.

The book's nearly done, but there's a lot of edits, reviews, meetings, and general work that has to be done to get this thing through. And I thought writing it was the hard part!

My dissertation is nearly done. See previous paragraph.

I also have another paper that I wanted to throw together next week. I might settle for finishing all of the research for it.

I am already starting to think about my next projects. Supposedly, by the end of this month, my plate will be empty with things due in the immediate (or even near) future. That's a weird feeling. I've already started thinking about another book, as well as a website or two that I might want to throw together. I also like the idea of having more spare time for some hobbies for once. (Maybe karate? Toastmasters? More time for board and card games?)

And so what am I doing that isn't finishing up my current work? Posting here.